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Hello Kitty and Friends 2 Inch Figure 2 Pack Blister Asst set of 6

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Hello Kitty and Friends 2 Inch Figure 2 Pack Blister Asst set of 6


Double the Fun, Double the Cute – Collect Them All!

Introducing the Hello Kitty and Friends 2 Inch Figure 2 Pack Assortment – the perfect pint-sized addition to any Hello Kitty collection! Each pack has two adorable figures styled with delectable sweet and salty accessories. With 12 unique styles to collect and special numbers for each set, fans can embark on a delightful journey to find and cherish every combination. They're not just toys; they're keepsakes for fans, young and old!

Key Features:

  • COLLECTIBLE VARIETY: Enjoy a diverse range of 12 collectible styles, ensuring a fresh surprise with every purchase.
  • PERFECTLY PINT-SIZED: Each figure measures approximately 2 inches in height – small enough to collect yet significant on charm.
  • THEMED ACCESSORIES: Each figure has a removable accessory that celebrates everyone's favorite treats, from savory to sweet.
  • NUMBERED FOR COLLECTORS: Every figure set is numbered, making it easy for collectors to track and complete their collection.
  • RETAIL-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Designed with eye-catching packaging to stand out on shelves and enhance the collection's visibility.
  • MERCHANDISING MADE SIMPLE: These figures come in an easy-to-hang blister pack to engage customers and include a collector's checklist to encourage repeat purchases.
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED PRODUCT: These figures are genuine, officially licensed Hello Kitty® merchandise, ensuring high-quality collectibles that honor the brand's legacy.
  • BRAND POPULARITY: Leverage the global love for Hello Kitty®, a cultural icon and proven sales powerhouse that has delighted fans for generations.