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Hello Kitty & Friends 8 Inch Plush Assortment set of 6

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Hello Kitty & Friedns 8 Inch Plush Assortment set of 6

Each 8-inch plush, from the gentle Hello Kitty to the playful Keroppi, is lovingly crafted with a stylish hoodie and an adorable bestie accessory, mirroring an over-the-shoulder purse. Kuromi steals the spotlight with a fashion-forward block-colored hoodie. At the same time, each character boasts a branded hang tag showcasing the iconic Hello Kitty® imagery and the full range of friends in this exclusive assortment. Presented in a captivating 6pc counter display, these plushes are poised to become the heart of your store's collectible section.

Key Features:

  • CHARMING COLLECTION: Collect all five plush characters—Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Kuromi, Keroppi, and My Melody—for a complete set of fun.
  • FASHION-FORWARD ACCESSORIES: Each plush sports a cute hoodie paired with a unique bestie accessory, adding layers of personality and style.
  • FEATURED FASHIONISTA: Kuromi's plush includes a unique block-colored hoodie in eye-catching black, pink, and purple.
  • BRANDED AESTHETICS: The aesthetic hang tag displays the Hello Kitty® brand and the characters available, serving as a testament to authenticity and collectibility.
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED DELIGHT: These are genuine Hello Kitty® and Friends plushes, assuring official licensing and brand integrity.
  • UNMATCHED BRAND POPULARITY: Benefit from the enduring global popularity of Hello Kitty®, a universally recognized and cherished brand.
  • RETAIL-READY DISPLAY: The 6pc counter display is thoughtfully designed for shelf display, offering an attractive, space-efficient merchandising solution.