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#20 Zowort Heavy "The Witch from Mercury", Bandai Spirits HG 1/144

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 #20 Zowort Heavy "The Witch from  Mercury", Bandai Spirits HG 1/144

  • Officially Licensed by Bandai
  • From the latest Gundam series Zowort Heavy is three-dimensionalized in High Grade form!
  • Includes optional missile launcher and beam cannon.
  • The neck can be pulled out to expand the range of movement, and the ball joint on the waist has a structure that allows it to be tilted back and forth.
  • The grip of the beam saber is stored in the forearm. A magazine rack can be attached to the front of the leg.
  • Dedicated weapons with a characteristic form are included.
  • Accessories: Beam saber × 2, Rifle × 1