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PKM-Roaring Moon:Iron Valiant EX Box Set-Set of 2

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PKM-Roaring Moon:Iron Valiant EX Box-Set of 2

  • Awakening from a long-gone world is the ferocious Roaring Moon ex—while the resilient Iron Valiant ex beams in from the future!
  • In this box, you get a promo card and an oversize card featuring either Roaring Moon ex or Iron Valiant ex.
  • Roaring Moon ex is joined by Brute Bonnet and an Ancient Booster Energy Capsule, and Iron Valiant ex comes with Iron Moth and a Future Booster Energy Capsule—all things that your past self would want you to have to help you out in the future.
  • Find even more helpful allies in the included Pokémon TCG booster packs!